Living Life and Loving It!

Living Life and Loving it!

Friday, May 18, 2012

We have a date!

We are being induced on June 6th!  However, I went to the doctor today (Friday 18th) and I am dilated to a 4! I am currently 36 weeks and 4 days. It could literally be any day now. My anxiety is through the roof because Hadley was induced but I have a feeling I will go naturally into labor and that scared me to death! I went into labor naturally with Kaston and that was the scariest thing not knowing if you are going to make it to the hospital!  We are so ready for baby Cohen to be here. I am starting to feel a little anxiety about having a newborn and a toddler but I'm sure I will cope. I have tons of family and friends as a support system and that is always comforting to know!

Since I decided not to have a baby shower we had a family cookout this last weekend and it was a lot of fun! I received a few gifts and that was perfect! We have everything we need for baby and some! We got a lot of clothes, money, and was even surprised with the double stroller that I wanted! After much research and a whole lot of thought I decided to go with the City Mini Elite double stroller/jogger. We already put it together thanks to Paige and Zac! They stayed late that night and put it together with didn't take much thank goodness. I struggled with deciding to get a side by side or front to back stroller but am very pleased with the side by side stroller. I can get it through any door way in my house and it rides like a dream! I can't to use it! There are two versions of the City Mini and I recommend spending the extra because the tires on this Elite are real rubber and will go over anything, it also has two wheels up front for better balance!  We also got the car seat adapter and Zac put it on already too! I LOVE this thing!

He made out pretty good on clothes too!

Before the cookout my mom went to Merritt's to pick up the cupcake cake for me while Whitney and I cleaned up and decorated. While we were doing so, Whitney gets a phone call from my mom and all I heard was cupcakes and the look on Whitney's face I knew there was something WRONG! So I said give me the phone and Whitney handed right over! lol I said what is wrong with my cake?! My mom proceeds to tell me that the bakery thought they had until Saturday to make the cake and not Friday evening! I was so upset! I picked out the cutest cupcake cake and could not believe that it was not even ready when it was supposed to be! Luckily the cake decorator was still there and told my mom that she would do her best to have it done by 6. The cookout started at 6:30. The whole time from 5 to 6 I was stewing , getting more and more MAD! I even had a confirmation email saying it would be ready by 3 on Friday! Well the lady pulled it off (lucky her). She was saved from the hormonal pregnant lady! Here is a pic of the cupcake cake, it really did turn out cute!

Well as some of you may know Patrick and I are huge OKC Thunder fans. We had the opportunity this last Monday to go to the first series game with the LA Lakers! If anyone has debated on going to a Thunder game or not or wondered if it was worth it, it was hands down one of the most fun experiences in my life! The atmosphere is amazing and it is truly touching to see such support from Oklahoma fans! There is never a dull moment, they really know how to get the crowd involved to make it a great time! If you ever have a chance to go then do it, you will not be disappointed! We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel which is only a block away from the arena. However we decided to walk to Chellino's mexican restaurant which was about about 3 blocks away and that was about 3 blocks too far away for this pregnant girl! By the time we got to the arena (4 blocks of walking) I was sooo worn out! I was thinking the whole time OMG I'm totally going to pay for this tomorrow and sure enough I could barely walk the next day- make that two days! But it was totally worth it and I would have even went to the Wednesday night game if we had tickets! Here is how crazy we are about the Thunder, there was an advertisement on the jumbo tron that Midfirst Bank was offering Thunder Visa check cards so Patrick and I the next day go open a checking account at Midfirst so we can have the Thunder card! lol There is a Midfirst Bank less than a mile from us any way so it worked out rather well! I currently bank with BOA and the closest one is 5 miles away! The Midfirst is brand new and super nice with friendly employees so I'm thinking it was a good move on our part! Can't wait to swipe my Thunder card for the first time! I'm a huge nerd, i know!

36 weeks! I'm a ticking time bomb!
Just a little comparison. (34 weeks)

I go to the doctor tomorrow so I will update if there is any further progression! I know Hadley is as ready as I am to not be pregnant anymore. She really notices my belly at this point. She says Babies and points at it quite often throughout the day! lol Its pretty cute but my belly gets in the way of me picking her up and playing with her the way I want to! : ( Oh well I need to enjoy these last few weeks as much as possible because this one is my last and I know I will miss this time so much! That's all for now! : )

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  1. First, you look GREAT! Also, I'm so glad you posted about the City double. I {still} haven't purchased my double stroller, but I have done a TON of research and that is the one that seems to pop up over and over as a great stroller for the money. However, I don't know anyone personally who actually has one. Soooo glad to read that you are happy with it!