Living Life and Loving It!

Living Life and Loving it!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Well Patrick is back and life is in full swing again! This weekend we took some time to prepare more for baby boy. Patrick detailed my Tahoe so good I don't want to even drive it and get it dirty! I don't know about anyone else but it seems like every time I detail the house or car it gets dirty twice as fast! Its amazing how much time out of my day I take just picking up the house. It doesn't help either that I have a toddler that drags things back out the second I put it away! Oh the joys of having a Toddler!

On Friday Taylar, her sister Amber, and her little boy Bodie came by for a visit. Hadley was infatuated with him! I believe he is three or getting ready to turn three so they were pretty close in age. Bodie loved playing with Reese and Ollie (two min pins) and it was cracking Hadley up! I've only heard her laugh that hard a few times. And you could tell Bodie was liked making her laugh like that. Taylar brought me three of the cutest NY Yankees onsies ever for baby boy! I showed them to Patrick and he loved them so much he said one of them is going to be is coming home outfit! Taylar is 30 weeks pregnant with a girl! Her shower is coming up in the next two weeks and I am so excited I already bought her gifts! For those of you who know me I'm usually at the store the morning of the shower looking for a gift, can we say procrastinator!  Here is a pic of two enjoying the dogs!

Here is a pic of Hadley when they left. It was so sad, she stared at the window saying bye bye for a few minutes after they had left! My poor baby is lonely but not for long!

I finally took another belly pic at 34 weeks and baby boy has grown so much since my last 27 week pic! I still have about 4 weeks left so its hard to believe I'm going to BIGGER! I'll try not to think about that for now though! ; ) Well here it is!

34 weeks
27 weeks

I wanted to share what I found in US Weekly magazine this week. For those of you getting ready to have a baby or already do this is a great find! In the back of the magazine they always share these great websites for products that you can get great deals on and I happen to find a deal at for a FREE baby sling worth $48! The promo code is USM17 and they have several cute designs and colors to choose from! You do have to pay shipping though but its only $11.90. I should get mine in the mail this week so I will post what I think of it when I get it. There is also a free promo code (USMAG17) for a car seat canopy to worth $49.95! I order one of those too and the shipping was only 12.90 so I can't wait to get it in the mail! Here are some pics of the products with all the info! : )



That's all for today!

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