Living Life and Loving It!

Living Life and Loving it!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My First Post!

Today is my 1st day to blog ever! I probably do not have time to do this but I'm going to give it a try. Thanks Shelby for inspiring me because I have a terrible memory and want to be able to go back and look at all these memories of my family!

Just to catch everyone up a bit- I am due June 13th and Patrick and I will be welcoming a new baby boy (Cohen) into our family! We are beyond excited but poor Hadley does not know what is coming at all! We point to my belly and tell her there is a baby in there and she says baby and points at it but she is too young to grasp what is about to happen. Kaston is pretty excited about having a brother and the crazy thing is that baby boy is due on his birthday! When I was pregnant with Kaston his due date was June 13th and he came right on that very date. However these days it seems that doctors like to induce a week early. I'm pretty sure that I will take that option since Hadley was induced a week early and she weighed almost 8lbs!

On another note- Patrick is leaving for San Jaun, Puerto Rico on Monday without me! : (  The doc says its too close to due date for me to go and with the small problems I've had with this third and final pregnancy we are just going to play it safe this time! Patrick earned this trip through his work by meeting and exceeding all expectations of job his functions. Basically he killed it at work this year and made Cox a whole lot of money so they are sending him with the best of the best in the "winners circle" to Coco Beach! I am so so proud of him. I love Patrick's enthusiasm when it comes to being successful. This will be a trying week for me because we have never spent more than a day apart and I know Hadley is going to wonder where he is and miss him!

Well that is all for today, but my next posts I plan on updating the details to the few very minor complications of this pregnancy. The baby is perfect so not to worry, its more about me and my left ovary so...

Here is a 20 week pic of our little man.

27 week 4D pic.


  1. Cute Heather! Congrats on your little boy! Growing family! :)

    1. Thank you Emily! Your boys are absolutely precious, and I love reading your blog!! It made me a bit hungry for some filled pancakes the other day!! lol